Preview The Product

We pride our self’s on offering straight forward pricing for the media we create for you. This page is so you, the client, can look at our different works and see what we can offer. Want a little column A and a little column B? Not to worry, our pricing is flexible to fit your needs. Once we nail down the details, we will send you a Statement of Work (SOW) with a final price outlined for the services discussed.

That is the price you pay. Period. So you can trust us to stay on target.

Company culture/Values

Highlight what is important to your organization, from what your products stands for, to the well being of your employees. Average price $1500-$2000 for 2 minutes.

Educational Doc

Get the word out and engage your audience about what’s important to you with a clear-cut, informational piece. Average price $2500-$4250 for up to 12 minutes

Event Highlight

Showcase the best and most interesting parts of your event to make sure the next one is even bigger and better. Average price $2000 for 1 minute.

Product / Service

Announce your next big thing by providing your customers with a video that highlights what makes your products great. Average price $1000-$2000 for 30 seconds to 1:30

Clients Tell all

Testimonials speak volumes about the quality of the experience, and assure new clients that they’ll get the same treatment. Average price $2600 for up to 3 minutes.